At Foleon, we take great pride in developing a platform that empowers organizations to easily create content experiences that look great on any device. What’s even more important, however, is making that content accessible to anyone. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to continuously improve the accessibility of Foleon publications. Additionally, we’ve created this service to give you advice on how to improve the accessibility of your publications in relation to guidelines such as WCAG, ADA, or Section 508.

Step 1: Training call

Before you start building your publication, you will have a 1-hour video call with our Accessibility specialist. After a short introduction to Accessibility and what it entails, you will be advised on how to apply these guidelines to your Foleon publication.

Step 2: Publication check

After you have created your first publication, we'll provide you with a publication check. Our specialist will check whether you have taken the Accessibility guidelines into account, and write page-to-page advice on the parts that need improvement.

Step 3: Recap call

In a 30-minute video call, you and our specialist will go through the advice and we'll give you some final tips & tricks on how to implement the changes.

* For this check, it's required that your team has had a Platform training.

** The price of $600 applies to a publication of 8 pages. For longer publications, we charge a surcharge of $50 per page.

** Disclaimer: The Accessibility Check is intended to provide general information and advice on how to improve your content and design in terms of accessibility. It isn’t intended to check if your content complies with accessibility regulations (like WCAG, ADA, or Section 508). If you're looking to audit your content, please contact our support team (support@foleon.com) so we can connect you with independent experts.