So, what's the score?

Analysis Basic $300 / Advanced $600

Clearly, you’ll want to know how well your publication is performing. But maybe you don’t have the time or expertise to analyze your stats. We’ll be glad to provide you with the data-driven insights you need to continually optimize your content and grow your ROI.

* This price is applicable to publications with a maximum of 12 pages. Additional costs will be charged for publications with more than 12 pages.

The BASIC analysis includes the following:

  • Number of visitors (unique)
  • Page sessions
  • Time spent on website
  • Key places where visitors leave your publication
  • Main referral channels (acquisition)
  • Most clicked links

We’ll also give you an Excel file in which all these data points are conveniently organized so that you can conduct your own analysis of your next magazine! #useful

We’ll devote a Skype session to identifying your reporting needs. Next, we’ll decide on the relevant statistics. You’ll then be able to make real improvements in your next publication or marketing campaign. The Advanced analysis is based on the Basic analysis, with the addition of:

  • Engagement reports at the page level
  • Recommendations and suggestions for improvements at the magazine and content level